U-pick hours are generally not determined until a few days prior to harvest. Weather, age of the tree and the amount of fruit on the tree all affect how fast the crop ripens. As soon as we know, we'll post picking dates and times so that you can plan when to come and pick.  Please feel free to check this website, the Facebook page, or call 503-678-2644 for updated information. We are always closed Sunday.

Fruit that is available for U-pick has a short season because there is not a long gap between when the fruit ripens and when it becomes over-ripe or falls off the tree. This means that, unlike a grocery store, fruit is extremely seasonal as far as availability goes. Cherries are generally only ripe for about a one week window, and most peach varieties last a similar amount of time.

Pricing will be determined between two weeks and a month before the season starts. During peach season, a discount is offered to people who pick over 100 lbs.

Cherries: $1.50 Per Pound

Peaches:  $1.00 per pound

Decided Days and Hours:

Mid -Week Update: We have experienced a large volume of pickers for a medium-sized crop of Veteran and Suncrest Peaches. U-Pickers are still coming out of the orchard with beautiful fruit, but it's getting harder. We will be open from 8 AM to 5 PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but are not sure about next week.

NECTARINES will be available at some point next week, and IMPROVED ELBERTA Peaches whenever they ripen.

After Saturday, please call for updates. Thank you!

All fruit is $1.00 per pound, u-pick; please bring your containers.  No ladders needed.  We offer a 10% volume discount for 100# or more.