Predicting when fruit will ripen is as hard as predicting Oregon weather. Our U-pick hours are generally not determined until a few days prior to harvest. The weather, age of the tree, and the amount of fruit all affect how fast the crop ripens. As soon as we know, we'll post picking dates and times so that you can plan when to come and pick.  Please feel free to check this website, the Facebook page, or call 503-678-2644 for updated information. We are always closed on Sunday.

Fruit that is available for U-pick has a short season because there is not a long gap between when the fruit ripens and when it becomes over-ripe or falls off the tree. This means that, unlike a grocery store, fruit is extremely seasonal as far as availability goes. Some peach varieties sell out within a few mornings while others last for several weeks.

Pricing will be determined between two weeks and a month before the season starts. During peach season, a discount is offered to people who pick over 100 pounds of fruit. 

Peaches:  $1.35 per pound, volume discount available.

Decided Days and Hours



Peach Update August 29, 2019:

We are closed for the season. Thank you to everyone who came out and picked this year! The weather made picking schedules a bit topsy turvy and we are thanking God for everyone who was able to come out and pick. We hope you have a good rest of the summer. See you next season!



To our valued cherry customers: We are sad to let you know we will no longer be selling cherries. The trees grew to a point where we were no longer able to care for them well, or have a reliable crop to sell. We hope you will be able to find another farm to pick this seasonal treat. Thank you to everyone who came out and picked with us over the years. We hope to see you during peach season!